Saami’s Youth Talk

May 16 - 22, 2018

Though many of us often claim that it does not matter to us what others think of us, what opinions they hold and what their general views are, let’s face it, it does matter what people think of us.

Somewhere, it prods us to question our actions, multiply our efforts and try and become better people. However, at other times, trying to meet ‘people’s expectations’ to make more people like us is the last thing you would want to do.

I have been fairly active in event organisation and lots of extracurricular activities that require teamwork of varying extents, and though I have successfully led many times, I feel working alone is somewhat better. At nine, my inspiration was Albus Dumbledore, at 17, Lord Eddard Stark. The thing they both had in common - honour. But, only when you do such activities in real life do you realise that life is not as black and white as on the small screen.

This is where ‘choice’ comes in. Yes, it may feel better to get 50 more likes on an Instagram post or another invite to a party, but being true to the honour code you have drafted for yourself always feels like a bigger celebration.

It is important that we build a more ethical and informed background for the young and strive to maintain this regularly. In today’s world, education seems like a simple substitute to morals but even people with the highest academic calibre may be deemed undeserving if they don’t possess the power to judge what is right and what is wrong.

I feel that the very difference between wisdom and knowledge will make the society a more honourable place to live in with larger strides towards peace, something the world really needs right now.

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