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Life’s a real ball for golfers

May 16 - 22, 2018

Gulf Weekly Life’s a real ball for golfers

Organised by the Awali Golf Club’s publicity officer Shari Anderson with the assistance of husband and captain Paul and other artistically-talented helpers, the Bapco Club was the venue for the annual end-of-season Presentation Dinner-Dance.

The main ballroom had been partitioned into a reception and main area, table settings having an eloquent golfing theme of silver balls to match the silverware and inspired napkin rings which included a golf tee.

With guests being greeted as they arrived and ushered to one side by the photographer so as to record their ‘more kempt than at the course’ state, the volume of those mingling started its upward trajectory courtesy of the generous sponsorship of African & Eastern.

The formalities commenced with an introductory speech by the captain. Describing himself as somewhat of an ‘accidental captain’ due to various committee changes last season, Anderson first highlighted the season’s successes - the buoyant membership levels and numbers playing in competitions, the number of initial handicap awards and the improved range and clubhouse facilities.

With regards to winning competitions, he also suggested that the season proved age was not a barrier as there was a 68 year age difference between the youngest winner, schoolboy Lee McIlear and the oldest winner, veteran Peter Rogers.

He moved on by highlighting each individual on the committee and the helpers that had made it all happen, thanking them for their time and dedication. He also thanked the club’s tournament sponsors.

Prize and trophy awards were next on the agenda.

First, the imminently-departing ex-captain Dave Bailey was asked to come forward and, in appreciation for his service, he was presented with a glass replica of the Watson Salver trophy, Bailey having won the bogey competition in the 2013/14 season with a personal best score (gross 73) that saw him equal the record set 49 years earlier.

The captain continued by applauding the three players who achieved a hole-in-one during the season and then announced the prize winners, with prizes presented by his good lady wife.

This year saw the inaugural presentation of an additional in-perpetuity trophy - the Martin Trophy - for ladies best aggregate gross score over a series of competitions held throughout the season. This is a ladies-only equivalent to the Club’s McGregor Award, open to both gents and ladies.

It was mentioned that the reasoning behind the new trophy is that no lady ever stands a chance of winning the McGregor Award, and wishing to acknowledge the contribution ladies make to the club, Onny and Joan Martin donated the trophy and prize money for 20 years into the future.

As the prize honours were reeled off, the names of two players became ever more familiar: Sarah Hobday and Ali Musbah. The presentation culminated with Hobday lauded as the Lady Club Champion and recipient of the O’Sullivan Cup, and Ali as the Club Champion and recipient of the Kingsbury Cup.

Perhaps due to his advancing years and declining physical prowess, Ali decided that all the trophies were just too much for him, so consequently chose to take his spoils away in an appropriately sized container - a shopping trolley.

This was met with noisy approval by the audience, especially when it was found there was just enough room for Ali as well!

AGC puts the wrap on the season with its annual general meeting to be held at the clubhouse at 7pm on Tuesday, June 13.

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