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Mutts on the move!

September 12 - 18, 2018

Gulf Weekly Mutts on the move!

When pet-lover Robert Hasek began jogging with his dog, Darwin, the three-mile runs were making the bull terrier sick with fatigue.

Hasek was surprised, thinking his dog led a healthy lifestyle. To solve the mystery, he strapped a Fitbit to Darwin and discovered he was actually only active in his presence. Otherwise, Hasek said: “He’s lying, sleeping and doing nothing. He’s lazy!”

The businessman sensed an opportunity and developed one of the world’s first dog fitness trackers. Two years later, production and sales of the Actijoy fitness trackers have begun, with one unit costing about BD113. On top of the GPS tracking device that a variety of pet collars already offer, it tracks the intensity of the dog’s activity and comes with an internet-connected bowl that monitors food and water consumption.

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