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February 6 - 12, 2019

Gulf Weekly Jalal’s timely tips on the latest trends

Roger Dubuis is convinced that women are every bit as keen as men to wear daring and technical calibres and the watchmaker has reached for the stars with its latest offerings.

For a quarter of a century Roger Dubuis has been speaking to women through highly distinctive, self-confident and sophisticated codes … combined with an elegant touch of eccentricity.

This has resulted in a combination of shapes, curves and fashionable designs, while remaining at the very high end of luxury watchmaking.

According to the designers, the kind of people attracted to its latest offerings are ‘oblivious to the rules’, which is why they have been chosen to symbolise a unique vision of femininity.

Enter the Excalibur 36 Shooting Star timepiece, enriched with alternative techniques and featuring a choice of blue, white and pink interpretations, all issued in eight-piece limited editions. The result of two years of research and development in Roger Dubuis’ legendary Geneva workshops were devoted to miniaturising the existing X42 single tourbillon while retaining all of its lightness and airy dimensions.

The new RD510SQ Poinçon de Genève-certified calibre is a diminutive yet bold work-of-art ideally suited to smaller wrists.

It is equipped with one of the smallest flying tourbillon skeleton calibre to fit in a dainty 36mm case.

Shining in a feminine starry sky set against a white mother-of-pearl, blue PVD-treated or pink translucent varnished background, the 18K gold shooting star timepiece loops around the maker’s astral signature, trailing its diamond-studded tail and complemented by colour-coordinated enamel stars.

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