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March 13 - 19, 2019

 March 14

• Majid Al Muhandi and Sherina Abdulwahab, Bahrain Bay, 8.30pm.

• Arcis Saxophon Quartet, Cultural Hall, 8pm.

• The Great Wolynski, Ritfa Palms next to Rifia Views, 4pm.

 March 15

• Tango Live, La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art, 7pm.

• The Great Wolynski, Nakheel Centre at 5pm and El Mercado Mall at 8pm.

 March 16

• Spark!, La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art, 10am to 6.30pm (April 15).

• Playing for Change Band, Bahrain Bay, 7pm.

• The Great Wolynski, Amwai Lagoon at 4pm and Saar Mall at 7pm.

 March 22 and 23

• Mr Adam Almaty Symphony Orchestra, Bahrain Bay, 7pm.

 March 26

• The Taste of Experience, Bahrain National Museum, 7pm.

March 28

• Alongside You Bahrain Music Band Conducted by Maestro Khalifa Zaiman, Bahrain National Theatre, 8pm.

• Steve Winwood, Bahrain Bay, 8.30pm.

 April 2

• Sound of Korea, Cultural Hall, 8pm.

 April 4

• Don Giovanni: Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Bahrain National Theatre, 8pm.

April 5

• Jason Derulo, Bahrain Bay, 8pm.

 April 20

• Traditional Fisheries Bahrain Fort Site Museum, 9am to 11am.

April 27

• Day of Photography, Memory of the Place: Bin Mattar House, Full Day.

 For the full schedule of events visit www.5pringotculture.org or @springofculture on lnstagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, or call 39900630.

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