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Going green with glitter

June 25 - July 2, 2019

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Going green with glitter

FOUR talented entrepreneurs are helping to put some extra sparkle into the lives of party-goers and hope their enterprise will become a glittering success.

Corporate banker Nasreen Mahmood and her sister Sherin Al Wardi, a family and child photographer, teamed up with cousins Samar, a make-up artist, and Zahwa Al Hiddi, a customer care manager, to launch Glitter Me, a shimmery face, hair and body paint-style concept.

“Glitter is so much fun,” said Nasreen, 28, from Tubli. “We fell in love with it at a Backstreet Boys concert and never looked back. You can be more creative and mix a combination of colours, shapes and sizes.

“The sparkle makes it look great and the process is super fun. It can be used on people of all ages to enjoy and look fabulous.

“People are getting glittered up for parties, concerts, events and all sorts of functions too.”

The glitter applied offers ‘guilt-free sparkles, eco-friendly shimmer and biodegradable glam’, they say, which can be used safely on all skin types and the brushes used to apply the sparkles are well protected and sanitised too.

The root of the trend dates back in the 1990s and has developed with shiny sprinkles now being incorporated in hair styles, or as intricate designs on body parts to emphasise and highlight features.

It used to be found in teenage lotions back in the ‘poppy’ Britney Spears era but now body glitter is especially popular at music festivals with the Glitter Me team being booked at hourly rates for events.

Many artists are capitalising on the growing glitter trend by offering artsy designs on the cheeks, temples, hair roots and more. Even men have jumped on that glistening bandwagon with some using it on their beards.

“We had a few men interested as well and we loved that,” said Sherin, 37, a mother of seven-year-old Yousif and Sara, four. “Glitter has no age limit - from children to female and male adults and anyone who wants to feel great!”

They first unveiled the colourful concept at Sherin’s daughter’s birthday party. “We saw how happy it made guests and that simply kick-started our journey,” said Samar, 32, mother of Layal, nine.

“It is super easy to remove; you can wash it off using warm water or by rubbing baby oil and cleaning it off in small circular motions. We personally love waking up to some glitter on our cheeks or hair; it somehow brightens up our days.”

Since their vibrant venture began, they have been sharing their fondness for the stand-out art form at school carnivals, festivals, birthdays and bridal showers. It was even a popular attraction at various Ramadan iftar and ghabga tents during the holy month.

The glitter girls have particularly won over crowds with their half-moon design. They also draw cool cartoon characters and animal shapes for children and sometimes even apply colourful glitter over braided hair and on the body.

Zahwa added: “We aim to spread joy on people’s faces by spreading glitter. We would love to grow our team and have our ‘fairies’ all over Bahrain’s biggest events. We are also working on being more creative and continue to learn as we grow.”

To find out more, follow them on Instagram @glittermebh.

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