Hülkenberg puts project to test

August 21 - 27 , 2019

Gulf Weekly Hülkenberg puts project to test

The Renault F1 Team has completed the track-focused development for its high-performance, dual-hybrid powertrain created for the INFINITI Project Black S prototype. Renault’s Nico Hülkenberg put the two prototypes through its paces in Salzburgring, Austria.

INFINITI, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan, will continue to test and validate elements of the Q60 Project Black S prototype and will take a decision on the production potential for the car and its technologies by the end of 2019.

The latest version of the Project Black S was revealed in Paris in Autumn 2018 and since then, powertrain engineers from both sides have developed it further; exploring whether it could be deployed in a high-performance road car.

Cyril Abiteboul, managing director of Renault F1 Team, said: “INFINITI’s experience of working with homologated hybrid powertrain technology was instrumental in the co-development of our dual-hybrid system. The Black S project now gives us a rare opportunity for the direct transfer of genuine F1-honed technology back into a road car. Making this leap, from circuit to road, is something we are incredibly excited to be involved in”.

The aim of the programme was to explore the potential for new motorsport-inspired electrification technologies and development processes. Project Black S fuses expertise from road and race track with its all-new, purpose built brakes, and optimised suspensions, all complemented by the use of advanced lightweight materials throughout the purposeful new bodywork and a motorsport-inspired interior.

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