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Pink Wall holds strong

October 16 - 22, 2019

Gulf Weekly Pink Wall holds strong

The boys of the Bahrain Rugby Football Club’s 1st XV Squad added another notch to their belt of victories thus far in the season with a dominating 52-3 victory over the Dubai Knights Eagles last Friday, reports Naman Arora.

They had secured their first victory of the 2019-20 West Asia Premiership season last weekend in their first league match, defeating the Dubai Tigers 39-5 on the Tigers’ home turf.

The team continued their trend of strong defence and persistent offence, while improving on self-noted shortcomings, as new coaching team Adam Wallace, Lindsey Gibson and Alana McConalogue’s holistic coaching strategy paid off and then some.

Deina Morete, who was team manager for the game against the Knights-Eagles said: “The boys have been in excellent shape thanks to the effort put in by the coaching team. We did notice last week that continuity was an issue, getting passes to hand, that sort of thing, so we are going to work on that, and of course, improve on what we already excel at.”

Tommy Booth, Captain Lindsey Gibson, Junior Paila, Leon Mauer, Daniel Anae, Jack Phillips, Elliot Behan and Greg Heath added points to the scoreboard to give Bahrain a rather nuclear-level victory.

The Knights Eagles were an unknown this year, as they were the coming together of the Dubai Eagles and the Dubai Knights, making their attack and defence strategy unpredictable. However, the Red Wall, rechristened the Pink Wall this weekend in honour of breast cancer awareness month, held off the invaders. The match wrapped up with a raffle with the top prize being a pink Audi. Proceeds from the pink t-shirt sales and raffle are to be donated to a local charity.

The league is comprised of Dubai Exiles, Abu Dhabi Harlequins, Jebel Ali Dragons, Bahrain, Dubai Hurricanes, Dubai Knights Eagles and Dubai Tigers, with round-robin home-away pairings planned before a grand final between the top two teams.

l The team plays the Dubai Exiles this weekend in Dubai and can be watched live at

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