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Mercedes marvel

November 20 - 26, 2019

Gulf Weekly Naman Arora
By Naman Arora

Gulf Weekly Mercedes marvel

Al Haddad Motors unveiled the newly renovated state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz service centre in Salmabad this week in line with the global Mercedes-Benz MAR 2020 concept.

The event, inaugurated by the German Ambassador His Excellency Kai Boechmannt and Al Haddad executives, showcased the new concept, which is being rolled out at Mercedes-Benz stores worldwide, enhancing the customers’ experience by eliminating the traditional purchasing experience and implementing a digitalised and personalised experience.

The MAR 2020 corporate identity(CI) concept is an open layout, accented by wooden flooring in the seating and customer interaction areas as well as a tarmac style pathway that weaves through the centre.

The company’s director and head of human resources, Deema Al Haddad, noted: “We love the new MAR 2020 CI concept. It’s open and much friendlier. We have expanded the seating and waiting area for customers, making their stay here, as they wait to have their car serviced or to talk to one of the service advisers, much more pleasant. We have also improved the coffee bar area to be more open and welcoming.”

In addition, the merchandise is much more emphasised, with a prime location besides the entrance. The aisle-style concept gives it a much more inviting feel, much like browsing the aisles of a traditional store.

There is a wide array of products available for purchase, for those that have a shopping itch that needs to be scratched or for those that just want to show off the MB love, including caps, clothing, watches, key rings and the famous Mercedes Miniatures.

Of particular note is the collection of opulent aromas available for men and women. The brand has a scent for everyone with overtones ranging from wood-chypre and the ocean-esque cascalone to Kashmir wood and orange blossom in creatively designed bottles. Just don’t confuse your new perfume bottle and your fob.

Imran Ali, marketing manager of Al Haddad Motors, commented: “Today’s Mercedes-Benz customer is a globetrotter. And with this CI rolled out, not only is every aspect of the Mercedes experience smoother from the shopping to the service advice, there is also a familiarity. Facilities in Hong Kong and Germany have also implemented this, so the stores all exhibit our brand image: sleek, modern, luxurious and comfortable.”

The Salmabad facility, which services almost 40 cars per day, provides a range of services from regular maintenance to in-depth engine check-ups.

But while this is top-of-the-class, what truly sets the company apart is its award-winning individualised customer service.

Al Haddad Motors nabbed two of the highest awards at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East Customer Services Conference. The workshop CI facelift is just the preamble to the overall CI overhaul coming to their showroom early next year.

Deema said: “The showroom’s CI renovation is already in progress. Once done, we hope to roll it out early next year. We hope to have it ready in time for the new Formula One season.”

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