Don’t lie, we know you’re ‘jelly’

February 19 - 25 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Don’t lie, we know you’re ‘jelly’

Who is the @KhaleejiGirl? She is the voice of women across the region, touching on poignant topics and what is close to her heart. She has captured the attention of men and women on Instagram and will be sharing her thoughts with our readers too.

Out of all the deadliest sins, envy is one that can be seen with most if not all people regardless of their religion.

As human beings, I can’t blame us. There is a point in all of our lives where we become jealous or envious of others. But what becomes the part where a @Khaleejigirl will be to blame is when jealousy is taken to an extreme.

No, I’m not combating this article from an ethical or religious standpoint. It’s more of one that tackles the vulnerability angle. In a sense when a @Khaleejigirl faces a situation which she feels desirous of what another person has, instead of trying to mimic this other person’s patterns which lead her to her success, she just gives her the envious stare followed by the envious eye.

But why?

I’m not one who is immune to doing this.

Like I said, this is part of human nature.

But what I don’t understand is why don’t we acknowledge such success, in whatever arena it may be and learn from it? Wouldn’t that be a better use of our time instead of just gossiping about it in a derogatory way to others?

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