What’s in a milestone? - He says…

February 19 - 25 , 2020

Gulf Weekly What’s in a milestone? - He says…

Graduation. Milestone. First job. Milestone. Marriage. Milestone. Promotion. Milestone. The list goes on and on.

However, what bothers me the most is that, it has never been clear to me as to who decides what events are actually milestones? Are they just a social construct? Are they decided by the person themselves or does society sketch them out for them?

I feel, it is usually the latter and we often do not even realise this. From the minute we can comprehend our surroundings, we are guided towards a goal or rather goals that we are almost “supposed” to achieve at a certain point in our lives.

I feel milestones should be only and only self-determined, and only then do they portray the real meaning in life.

Personally, the purpose milestones serve in my life are one of the following – either it is a celebration of an aim met after considerable effort or a moment that defines my emotions in a particular way. It is something very close to one’s heart and strongly associated with their life’s pattern and overall meaning. For me, it could be as small an event as designing a new LEGO or as majestic as going off to college. But whatever it is, it is my event, it is my moment, and it is my milestone. And no one can take it away from me.

In conclusion, I would urge everyone to define their own importance in life and not follow what others define for you. And the meaning of milestones will amplify manifold. And it’s these milestones that make life worth living!

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