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Khalid dazzles in digital concert

June 24 - 30 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Naman Arora
By Naman Arora

Gulf Weekly Khalid dazzles in digital concert

Noted Bahraini musician Khalid Fouad entertained a virtual crowd of 91,700 on Friday night with a performance in support of the kingdom’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show was streamed live via Instagram and YouTube at 10pm on Friday night and quickly went viral, attracting viewers across the region, as Khalid entertained the virtual masses with sketches, dances and music, highlighting the active local cultural scene.

In Instagram posts made by Khalid, the artist thanked his audience for their interest, which got the concert trending across the kingdom. He also expressed his hope that his performance was like a wedding celebration within people’s homes and that people continue to stay positive during these times.

The event, which was streamed from an isolated and sanitised facility in Zinj, also highlighted other local talents including musician Faisal Aljassim and Bahrain’s first female graffiti artist, Samar Bushehri.

Samar, whose work GulfWeekly highlighted earlier this year, designed custom painted panels for the concert, which formed the cornerstones of a colourful set.

Samar told GulfWeekly: “It was fantastic to be a part of this experience. Khalid, whom I had listened to in the past, ensured an enjoyable and safe environment. The event had really good vibes and I was quite impressed by the measures to ensure that social distancing and Covid-19 prevention guidelines were followed.

“My pieces took me a total of seven hours to create at the facility, during which everyone worked staggered shifts so that there weren’t too many people on site at any given time.”

Samar’s three pieces – depicting “My mood is prestige,” “Khalid Fouad” and “Meet Us In The Street” stylised using her unique flair could be seen throughout the concert.

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