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A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom

May 11 - May 17, 2022
Gulf Weekly A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom
Gulf Weekly A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom
Gulf Weekly A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom
Gulf Weekly A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom
Gulf Weekly A sneak peek into Daphne’s Showroom

Mixed media artists from across the region are exhibiting their colourful contemporary works in a three-day showcase starting tomorrow in a bid to share their culture and creativity through art.

Internationally acclaimed artist Daphne Votanopoulou has rallied painters, photographers and sculptors from different countries to feature their pieces in her event titled, Daphne’s Showroom, at The Park in Bahrain Bay.

“I came up with the concept after participating in the World Art Dubai 2022 where I met artists from all over the globe,” said the 33-year-old from Greece, who works as the chief operations officer of TG Digital Marketing and lives in Juffair.

“There are so many talented artists in Bahrain and I wanted to curate an exhibit that will bring together people from different countries and cultures under one colourful roof.

“There will be artists from Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Greece and more. Some artists are participating physically while those living abroad will have their work displayed digitally on a big screen at the venue.”

More than 20 artists from the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi and 15 from Greece, France and Ukraine are taking part, besides 14 artists from Bahrain.

“I’m so thrilled about how people reacted to the open art call,” said Daphne, who studied graphics and arts and received her Bachelor’s from the Art & Design College - Middlesex University of London. She is also certified in the Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organisations from the University of Maryland, the US.

“It means a lot to me to see so many participants and it shows that they really believe in my vision of bringing all artists together to celebrate our works,” added Daphne, who will be featuring more than 15 of her paintings in oil, acrylic and engrave on canvas.

“Each of my artwork has been inspired by my emotions,” she explained. “It comes out naturally. The style I love most is the combination of expressionism and photorealism. This style is what gave me access to great exhibitions and competitions in countries including Switzerland, the US, Bahrain, Italy, Greece and Dubai.

“I am looking forward to sharing my passion with everyone at the exhibit and visitors will be able to meet the artists as well while admiring their work.”

The showcase will open its doors at 7pm tomorrow.

People can visit the venue between 10am and 10pm until May 14.

For details, follow @daphnes.showroom on Instagram.

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