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June 28 - July 5, 2006

Arranged marriages rock
Dear Ed,
I refer to your recent dating article.  Many people cringe when they hear the words ‘arranged marriage’.

I, however, to beg to differ. As an Islamic woman, I believe strongly in the idea of arranged marriages. And I am not very enthusiastic about the subject of dating. To me, it has many drawbacks and sounds like a frustrating experience. An arranged marriage is a union between two prospective spouses negotiated by the parents and sometimes the extended family. It is a system which is taken  seriously by all involved. My non-Islamic peers are getting more and more into dating. The problem I see with that is that it allows people to conduct relationship without worrying about responsibility. Also, there’s no guarantee that they actually know the person they are dating. Both people are on their best behaviour; a mask that’s easy to wear, but difficult to keep on.
Amen Jafri

Scots for 2010?
Dear Ed,
God knows how England qualified for the World Cup, they play crap football!
Jamie Longstern
Glasgow (now Dubai)

Dear Jamie,
It’s glad to see the Scots being passionate about the English, but you could cut them a little slack. Oh all right then…carry on.

Fixated with Jolie
Dear Ed,
What’ the fixation you lot have about Angelina Jolie? Almost every issue of GW carried a photo of her, come on guys let’s have something for the girls, how about a Pitt [sic] of Brad?
Jessica Sonberry
Abu Dhabi

Dear Jessica,
Obviously the Braille books aren’t keeping you occupied. Have you seen the lovely Miss Jolie? You should be spending less time writing letters and more time trying to be like her for the sake of your partner, bless his tolerant heart.

Da Vinci humbug
Dear Ed,
It is interesting to read a book and then see the movie, I never know which way around to do it.  I saw the infamous Da Vinci Code, the book made me breathless and the movie made me restless. The movie is so nervous about offending anyone that it’s hardly any fun and the wishy-washiness and its general tonal flatness betray a clock punching mentality the cast and crew seem to have adopted for this production.
Jeffrey Chen

Dear Jeffery,
Nice one, it only took you three months to form an opinion that others have had for the last 12. Keep it up Einstein.

Acura agent?
Dear Ed,
You featured a new SUV, the Acura, in a recent issue, can you tell me who will be the agent in Bahrain?
S Varghese

Dear Varghese,
Acura is owned by Honda, so you’d best try calling National Motors on
17 457111.

Where’s sudoku?
Dear Ed,
What’s happened to Sudoko in GW, where has it gone?
Susie Logan

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