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What on earth happened to...Nena

June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly What on earth happened to...Nena

Hot track: 99 Red Balloons
Year: 1984
Chart Position: 1

When Nena Kerner assembled a band, Nena, in 1981 in Berlin, few could forsee the stardom that was to follow. The band’s debut single Nur Geträumt became a number one success in the German speaking countries, while 1984’s 99 Luftballons scored massively in the US.
In mid-1985 however, sales of Nena’s next records and attendance numbers on the 1985 tour dropped, which led to the eventual end of the band in mid-1987.
In 2001 she released the electronic-based album, Chokmah, but success eluded her. In 2002 Nena celebrated the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough with an album of new versions of her hits, Nena Feat.Nena. It was a huge success.
2005’s double album Willst Du Mit Mir Gehn, went platinum, indicating that Nena’s back.

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