Can I look online for a suitable wife?

June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly Can I look online for a suitable wife?

Dear Comp Guy,
I am unmarried, English and single and I enjoy going to pubs a lot.

I love surfing the Net and watching football. Can you suggest some websites to find a suitable wife. I am desperately looking for a website that has all kinds of details about a girl to marry?
Desperate Kevin

Dear Kevin,
There are tonnes of dating and match-making sites out there...type in a search on Google and you’re bound to hit over 200 million results (most of them, unfortunately are trash). You’d have to be more specific on what your exact needs are...a real relationship (that might take time) or a mail-order bride perhaps? In any case, give and a try and see what comes of it. Good Luck!

Dear Comp Guy,
I am using Windows XP connected to ISA server. I want to block the Internet traffic to my computer when I am not using it. At the same time I do not want the network to disconnect, as I spool some jobs when I am not working on the computer, to print large documents. Is there anyway I can stop Internet connectivity from my computer but still keep the network on. No, I do not have the administrative rights. Please advise?
Karl Hopper,

Dear Karl,
One possible solution (may or may not work depending on your exact setup) is if you can instal a simple, free firewall on your computer, like Zone Alarm, you can engage the Internet Lock whenever you want to block Internet traffic, while retaining access to other network resources. Zone Alarm will also allow you to specify which connections and addresses can be accessed and which programmes and processes can access the Internet.

Dear Comp Guy,
I have heard my friends talking about the mobile computing technology. What the hell is a mobile technology? They also keep talking about things like Centrino and Celeron. Can you please explain what these terms stand for. The only thing that I know is the Pentium Processor. Is it something similar?
Shashi Kumaran,

Dear Shashi,
The Pentium, first shipped in 1993 followed the 486 line and was the fifth generation x86 architecture microprocessor by Intel. ‘Celeron’ was introduced in 1998 based on the Pentium II core but can refer to any of the different budget/value range x86 microprocessors. Centrino by Intel is more of a platform initiative, which combines CPU, mainboard chipset and wireless network interface in the design of a laptop PC. The Pentium M (Mobile) was introduced in 2003 as part of the Centrino platform and is a modified version that is very power efficient, thus extending notebook and laptop battery life.
Mobile computing, on the other hand, is a very generic term that refers to the ability to connect to and use centrally located info and/or applications using ‘portable’ devices such as wi-fi enabled laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, etc.


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