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A feet of sheer class

June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly A feet of sheer class

Forget cars, planes, bikes and trains, without our feet we would be immobile and unable to move from A to B.

More than any other part of the body, our feet bear the brunt of our active lifestyles and put up with a lot of torture and abuse. We neglect them, we shove them into uncomfortable shoes, and we keep our feet in moist, bacteria- and fungus-laden environments.
Everyone at some time in their lives experiences a foot problem of some kind. As age creeps up on us and we become less flexible, the risk of suffering from foot complications greatly increases. With this decrease in flexibility, comes an increase in difficulty to reach the feet, much less see and feel what’s going on with them.
Foot problems may be the result of poorly fitting shoes, blood circulation deficiencies, old injuries, or even hereditary influences. If untreated, foot problems can lead to pain extending up through your legs all the way to the hips. Foot pain is not a normal issue and can lead to inactivity due to a reduction in the ability to walk. If you do have a foot problem, there is a cause and surely a treatment, not only to help increase your mobility but also your comfort.
Feet change in response to all the work they have done; they become wider as their bones spread apart, the skin thickens and toughens with the more strain placed on them, blood vessels appear if they are used too much. In fact the foot contains a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, as well as blood vessels and nerves, 26 bones and 32 joints. Blood circulation may also decrease which is a problem in itself.
Everyone should carry out foot care routinely, after all when feet are unhealthy, the rest of the body will suffer as well. Keep your feet healthy, and they will reward you by carrying you through your day without complaint.

Essential feet
· Address any abnormalities promptly.
· Avoid restrictive clothing or accessories.
· Bathe your feet daily and dry them well.
· Keep toenails trimmed straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.
· Use moisturising lotion on your feet.
· Wear properly fitting shoes with socks or stockings.

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