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Let’s go chappies, it’s Groundhog Day

June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly Let’s go chappies, it’s Groundhog Day

Well, by the time the early editions of the GW hit the streets this week I’ll be winging my way back to Blighty for the christening of Grandson Jack and I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m also looking forward to meeting up with a few old chums to sample the cream of the Wheatsheafs cellar.
Had some good news today (all hush hush mind you) and it looks like my mate Casper the Ghost has had enough of the UK’s taxation laws and is coming back to the Middle East and this time to Saudi Arabia which is great because he’s only got to drive along the pier to Paradise Island for a few dozen or so Woodpeckers each weekend, and I can see my Frequent Flyer mileage hitting the roof.
A nice bit of local news is that QP’s wife and new baby have finally moved to Q-Land, which is great, but I’m sure that the management at Golden Falcon airlines will be a bit peeved. Now all you Q-Land readers (if there are any) – my mate QP needs a good regular baby-sitter so he can wine and dine the wifey – all volunteers please e-mail the GW – great rates on offer plus you can raid his wine cellar (over 18s only of course).
It’s the weekend here already and where do the days go, my, my such a lot to occupy your time with here don’t you know, and I’m sure it will be the usual Groundhog Day(s) but wait – you have to look on the bright side don’t you
so I’ll give Bangalore Berty a bell and drag Ravishing Raj and Concrete Pete down to the Ramada tomorrow afternoon – see what I mean about Groundhog Day!
Catch you all in a couple of weeks.

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