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Too Hot To Trot

February 4 - 10, 2015
Gulf Weekly Too Hot To Trot

Twin Palms Riding Centre, in association with The Arabian Horse, staged a show jumping and cowboy event on Friday. The results were:
Class 2: 70/90cm - Two Phase
1st Elaine Galbraith & Steve
2nd Abbas & Jowhery
3rd Aimee Keen & Yatzy
4th Kate Addison & Westwind
5th Imogen Nell & Mohito
6th Bella Rushton & Bling

Class 3: 80/90cm Accumulator with 110cm Joker
1st Kate Addison & The Chief
2nd Aimee Keen & Rio
3rd Elaine Galbraith & Steve
4th Kate Addison & Westwind
5th Ulrike Neidermeier & Skinny
6th Bella Rushton & Bling

On Saturday the Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (BREEF) staged the Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa Show Jumping Championship. The results were:

Class 1: Junior One – One Round with Jump Off
1st Fahad Hilal AlKhateri & My Baby
2nd Ali Hani Al Yabis & Ajzal
3rd Hussain Mohammed Dadulla & Winning Mood
4th Nedhal A. Nabi & Lucito Fool
5th Georgia Sim & Chico
6th Georgia Sim & Lucy

Class 2: Junior Two - Two Phase
1st Mayoof Al Rumaihi & Granus
2nd Aimee Keen & Rio
3rd Hussain Mohammed Dadulla & Dilmun Arko
4th Ali Hani Al Yabis & Ajzal
5th Fahad Hilal Al Khateri & Klara
6th Nedhal A. Nabi & Horse Pride Thunderbolt

Class 3: Adult One - Two Phase
1st Bassim Mahdi & Estrella
2nd Ali A. Rasool Ashoor & Horse Pride Chilli
3rd Basel Al Dossari & Dilmun Dory
4th Ahmed Al Alawi & Tayson Two
5th Nada Abdulghani & Valentine
6th Nada Abdulghani & Dubai Dancer

Class 4: Adult Two - Hit and Hurry
1st Mohamed Jassim & Al Yabis
2nd Mohamed Jassim & Alaska
3rd Hamad Fakhrawi & Tenor
4th Fadhel Al Hadad & Calalambo
5th Stephane Dreyer & Angel
6th Khalid Janahi & My Baby

Class 5: Adult Three - Speed Class
1st Basel Al Dossari & Dilmun Airforce One
2nd Salman Faraj & My Precious
3rd Eyad Ahmed & Barelo
4th Ahmed Mansoor & Edward Du Sud
5th Basel Al Dossari & Dilmun Dory
6th Ahmed Akbar & F16

Class 6: Adult Four - Grand Prix
1st Ahmed Mansoor & Edward Du Sud
2nd Sami Ghazwan & Fairooz
3rd Basel Al Dossari & Dilmun Airforce One
4th Ali Essa & Pascal
5th Ali Essa & F16
6th Tawfiq Al Qattan & Ted


* Don’t forget to get your glad rags on and go to the racing on Friday afternoon, a fantastic afternoon for all the family, with entertainment and attractions for everyone. Entrance is free, racing starts at the Sheikh Rashid Equestrian Centre at Al Rafah Sakir at 2pm.

* The BREEF Show Jumping Championship returns on Saturday, February 14

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