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Lob it high

February 4 - 10, 2015

The tour players all have superb, creative short games and probably one of the most impressive shots they play is the ‘lob’ shot which floats high in the air and stops dead on the green!

As good as this shot looks, it is a high risk shot and played only when a professional is in a difficult spot, such as lifting over a bunker onto the green. With the following adjustments and some time around the practice green, you too can master this fun shot:

* Always check the lie of the ball. It is easier when there is a good amount of grass under the ball.
* Select your most lofted club. The sand wedge is good and a lob wedge even better.
* Lay the club so the back of the club head touches the ground. This is an open position. Always open first then grip second.
* Take a wide stance with good knee flex and 70 per cent of the weight on your forward foot.
* Pick the club up steeply in the backswing and focus on allowing the club to ‘drop’ under the ball in the downswing.
* The swing should be full, but with a nice smooth rhythm. Never try to help the ball up, instead strike down on the ball and allow the loft of the club get the ball in the air.

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