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A turbulent tale

March 15 - March 21,2023
Gulf Weekly A turbulent tale

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Strap in and keep your seat in the upright position as pilot and media aviation commentator Terry Tozer takes readers on a journey - from being in the cockpit to what goes on in the airline industry and the different horrific flight incidents - in his factual feature.

All flights or incidents in this book, entitled Confessions of an Airline Pilot – Why Planes Crash (Including Tales from the Pilot’s Seat), are based on first-hand accounts, his personal experience or industry reports. The analysis of aircraft crashes are based on official accident reports and according to the author, ‘the foundations of this book are facts’.

“These facts have been used to examine the airline industry,” he said.

“This examination is further informed by feedback from pilots from around the world. Where there is speculation, it is either clear or identified as such.

“This book is a bona-fide attempt to bring the reader onto the flight deck of the aircraft as close a manner as possible to actually being there.

“My aim is to take you on the journey but as part of a detective story, and in safety.

“You will gain a general insight into, and an analysis of, the airline industry previously unavailable to the travelling public. This analysis, however, leads me to conclusions, which I present to you clearly as my opinion.

“I leave it to you to judge if I am correct, as it is you, the passenger, who will reap the ultimate consequences of the airline industry’s actions.”

Therefore, know if the airline you are planning to fly with is safe and find out from experts what really happened in certain cases such as Concorde’s only fatal accident.

It’s like the Air Crash Investigation documentary TV series but in book format.

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