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Comedian all set to bring house down

April 7 - 13, 2010

COMEDIAN Maz Jobrani will be returning to Bahrain for a special performance tomorrow at the Gulf Hotel Convention Centre ... and reckons the kingdom needs a name change.

The 38-year-old Iranian, who currently lives in Los Angeles, is looking forward to bringing more laughter to the land of a thousand smiles. He said: "I love Bahrain, it's a cool place ... not weather-wise, but scenery wise. For a place with the word 'rain' in the name there's no rain. It should be called BaHOT or Ba Really HOT!

Jobrani started his comic career performing standup in LA when he was 26 and took stand-up comedy classes to perfect his art and his career has rocketed ever since.

He said: "I'd say it's going pretty well ... I've made enough money now to afford some fancy toupees for my bald head. I have toured different locations to make people laugh.

"I think Arabs have a good sense of humour, otherwise I wouldn't be coming here. If you want to hear my funniest joke ... buy a ticket!"

The 'Maz Jobrani ... Brown & Friendly Tour Bahrain' is being organised by Smile Productions KSA, Imran Al Aradi & Dallah Promotions. Alistair Barrie and Jeff Innocent will also be performing on stage alongside Bahraini comedian Ali Fingerz and Ibraheem Al Khairallah from Saudi. Entertainer Imran Al Aradi will host the event.

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