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Challenge yourself

October 9 - 15, 2013

Who said breakfast has to be cereal and milk? Or that it has to be croissants, bread and jam? We have been brain-washed to believe only certain foods qualify as good breakfast options. Having anything else for breakfast would be too ‘weird’ or ‘strange’.

But I hope you have it in you to challenge yourself. Why? Because the people who are promoting cereal for breakfast are the cereal-makers! And look what those sugary cereals have done to people?

Breakfast is such an important meal that a lot of our weight and health problems can be largely attributed it to it. So if you can’t have cereals and bread for breakfast, what CAN you have?

Here’s the challenge: if you want to start eating a healthy breakfast that will help you lose weight instead of gain, you need to undo all your pre-programmed notions of what a breakfast should be.

What if you had soup for breakfast? Or a large hefty salad? What if you had vegetables sticks with hummus? Or a bowl of beans?

When I tell people that these could be their breakfast options, they usually gasp! ‘But I’ve never had that for breakfast,’ they say.

It’s true that you’ve never tried it, but think of the benefits. Soup for breakfast is actually very soothing for digestion first thing in the morning (that’s why it’s often recommended for breaking the fast in Ramadan).

A salad can give you lots of nutrients to start your day, and it can be very alkaline-forming for the blood, which means you will have a lot of energy and calmness for the rest of the day.

Don’t be stuck in a place where your meal options are spelled out by food manufacturers and the media. Get creative! Weight loss starts the moment you start to eat, so choose well.

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