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Stress-busting kit

April 1-7, 2015
Gulf Weekly Stress-busting kit

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

VICTIMS of stress and those in need of a complete life makeover only have to ‘A.S.K.’ for help thanks to a new therapy kit launched in Bahrain this week.

Counsellor and coach Kelly Armatage unveiled ‘a serenity kit’, which is available in book stores across the kingdom and also online.

The self-help therapist believes her kits, which took 15 months in the making, will become an essential tool to help people cope with emotional trauma, as well as those needing assistance to help kick addictions.

Kelly said: “The kit is a technique designed to change negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours in all aspects of life. It is a subconscious rewiring technique that allows people to work on their own in order to deal with, or solve, any issue they may have. Basically … it’s a therapist in a kit!

“People spend years and years in therapy but some never get over their issues. This kit helps a person go into his or her subconscious, become more aware of picked up habits or behaviours and then learn to forgive themselves in order to move forward in life.

“It is only through self-awareness, the changing of negative thinking patterns and behaviours, that you can master the correct energy and actions for peak performance – in your career, your relationships, your health and so on. Development of my mind was one of the best choices I have ever made.”

The kit, recently highlighted in GulfWeekly, had been condensed from 25 healing steps into three quick and easy methods. It contains a video tutorial, a book, an audiobook and worksheets along with fridge magnet aids.

There are also online downloadable, 1:1 sessions (face-to-face and online) with various A.S.K. facilitators, the A.S.K. Diploma for Therapists worldwide to study as a qualification and an option to attend A.S.K. seminars, which Kelly will facilitate.

She says it can be used for emotional problems, financial stress, weight problems, relationship difficulties, parenting tension, sickness, career stagnation, phobias, addictions, trauma, abuse, in fact, any issue.

Kelly, the CEO of her own therapy and coaching company based in Mahooz under her own name, has been helping thousands of people since 2007. She said: “I have helped an anorexic eat again and I have helped heroin addicts to stop taking drugs.

“I’m very passionate about helping people change their lives which is why I brainstormed my 25 steps into a simple three-step method to transcend any emotional pain and/or behaviour from the darkest of dark into the lightest of light.

“This kit has already helped someone suffering from insomnia in 20 minutes and now she sleeps like a baby every night. It also helped someone get a new job within four weeks and another clear-up her relationship issues after 17 years of hurt.
“People can go on-line to download the worksheets for free and even ship a kit anywhere in the world for someone going through pain, or for themselves.

“Entrepreneurs pay a lot of money on coaching and therapy for self-improvement. This is the perfect tool to do that. This kit is for anyone, from CEOs to addicts.”

The A.S.K , priced at BD35, was launched at an event staged at The Domain Hotel in Manama in front of members of the media and guests interested in learning about the technique.

Fatin Said, 32, an external communications manager, from Seef, found her kit and presentation inspiring. She said: “I really felt relieved and could feel the positive energy in the room. It is amazing how she can simplify what seems to be unchangeable in life. Although being very busy at work, I can’t wait to go through the kit.”

A Serenity Kit can be purchased from Words BookstoreCafé, at Alosra, at Virgin Megastores and online.

* For further details call 17002320 or email [email protected]

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