Poly Varghese - Indian Club

July 22 - 28, 2015

Gulf Weekly Poly Varghese - Indian Club

World-renowned Mohan Veena player, Poly Varghese brought his own brand of traditional high-quality Indian music to The Indian Club last weekend as he and fellow star instrumentalists, Shruthi Adhikari and Sunayana Ghosh, enthralled a packed Eid audience in The Club’s auditorium.

The three stars all sat cross-legged on the stage as they played a wide repertoire of Kabir Bajans and Baul songs. Ambili Kuttan, a well-known authority on music in Bahrain and long-time friend of Poly Varghese, articulated on the musical performance for the further enjoyment of those present.

Poly Varghese has played concerts in many countries; this was, however, his first visit to Bahrain and it provided a wonderful musical highlight for The Indian Club in its centenary year. “I am enjoying my time in Bahrain”, he said. “It was a wonderful audience and I am delighted that we could contribute to the club’s celebration of such a great milestone.”
Ashok Kumar T.S., general secretary of The Indian Club, described the event as ‘certainly one of the highlights of The Indian Club’s year’.
“It was the club’s great honour to welcome three such renowned artists to perform for us and I am sure that everyone went away with a greater understanding of the thrill that traditional Indian music played at the highest level can bring,” he added.

The audience agreed. The event was supported by UAE Exchange, Udrive rent-a-car and

- Nick Bradbury

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