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Tips on scoring high in class

September 16 - 22, 2015

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Tips on scoring high in class

Top performing pupils in the kingdom have returned to their studies still celebrating examination successes and hoping to pass on valuable study tips to younger students.

The best British curriculum GCSE candidates, who bagged almost 30 grade A*s between them, believe note-taking, pacing revision and balancing studies with fun activities are tried and tested ways to make the grade.

St Christopher’s School seniors Natalie Myatt and Harsh Ainapure both collected 10 A*s and 1 A and hope to continue their success in Year 12 as they now concentrate on further studies and British School of Bahrain student Saad Khan, from Riffa Views, also achieved top marks with nine A*s.

Natalie, 16, from Saar, whose favourite subjects are drama and all the sciences, said: “I got the great news the morning of August 20 at 9am. We were due to return to Bahrain in the evening. My mum and dad had got up at 6am but managed to wait until I was awake at 9am to open the email that contained my results.

“Both my parents were very proud of my results and the effort I had put in. As they are teachers they know how stressful and hard exams are for students.

“I studied well and achieved good marks by making notes on all the topics I needed to know and I started my revision early too.”

Natalie hopes one day to become a doctor and after A’Levels will apply for a place at medical school. She believes controlling stress is an important factor in achieving examination success. She added: “Keep motivated throughout the exam period and revise all the content thoroughly. Don’t stress yourself out too much as this could affect your performance.”

Harsh, also 16 and from Saar, discovered his results whilst visiting family in India with his mum, Dr Archana, a dietician, and father, Shrinivas, the chief executive officer of Global ATS, and they spent most of the holiday celebrating.

He advises students to revise regularly and not cram work in at the last moment.

BSB Year 12 student Saad, 16, who loves geography, found out about his fabulous results when he went to school with his mum, Asma. He said: “While doing my exams, my mother would joke that I should aim to get 8 or 9 A*s.

“So when I saw that I got 9 A*s I was very excited but decided I’d prank her first. I ran to the car and said that I got like three A*s. She was excited and proud of me. Then I told her the truth and she jumped out of the car and we started celebrating. She was ecstatic!

“When I went back into the school, I could see her making calls to everyone she knows to tell them about my grades. She still tells everyone she meets about them.”

Saad spent a week celebrating with his mum, father Naeem, who works in the finance industry, his brother Faizan, 10, and sister Dania, 18, both students at BSB. His other sister Neha, 20, is studying at the University of British Columbia.

Saad, who aims for further success in his A’Levels, said: “I believe I achieved these grades by being active in class – talking and engaging in discussions. It isn’t just about studying.

“My advice for the next batch of GCSE students is to try to enjoy it. Don’t let anything stop you achieving what you want, stay focused and try to balance studies with fun.”

BSB’s head of senior school, Khalil Ahmed, is proud of Saad’s achievement as well as all the other students. He said: “As a school we are again delighted with the results. Particularly pleasing is the significant number of students who have achieved the ‘gold standard’ of five or more higher GCSE grades including English and Maths.

“Out of the 86 students entered, 26 achieved six or more total A* and A grades. My congratulations go to all our students on their efforts and achievements. Clearly these results would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of our teaching and support staff as well as the support from parents. I would like to pay tribute to all who have worked with and supported this group of students.”

Nick Wilson, head of St Chris senior school, added: “We are very proud of all our students and their achievements. Their excellent results reflect their outstanding effort, excellent teaching and strong support from their parents.

“Seventy of our Year 11 students attained five or more GCSEs at grades A* or A, and 96 per cent achieved five or more A*-C grades. These outstanding results continue our fine tradition of academic excellence.”

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