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Relax and rejuvenate

March 30 - April 5, 2016
Gulf Weekly Relax and rejuvenate

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Reporter Mai Al Khatib-Camille decided to beat the burn and get race-ready for this weekend’s Formula One festivities by putting Yara Beauty Lounge’s (YBL) futuristic Vitamin D Solarium bed to the test.

The beauty clinic claims that it leaves ladies feeling energised and with a healthy glow –minus the harmful rays, of course.

WHILE getting a manicure and pedicure was definitely on my list of things to do, I have also been dreaming of getting bronzed and beautiful in readiness for the fun Formula 1 parties on the island in the coming days.

Every year when the Grand Prix show rolls into the kingdom, I’m usually left turning red as a lobster from being exposed to the blistering sun catching the action at the Bahrain International Circuit.

No amount of sun-screen helped and ironically, according to my doctor, I’m also currently lacking Vitamin D caused by a lack of sunshine. Sometimes you just can’t win!

As soon as I entered the lounge I was greeted by a smiling team of professionals and could hear the whirring of blow dryers amid a chorus of happy customers chattering as they had their nails polished.

The ground floor of the white, minimalistic-designed arena is a haven for hair and nails while the first floor, otherwise known as the Vapour Bar, features the latest in facilities to relax, rejuvenate and replenish the body. It houses Moroccan baths, massage, waxing and facial rooms, as well as the CRYO Therapy suite, effective in cellulite reduction and calorie-burning, and Vitamin D Solarium room.

Jayne Green, YBL’s customer relations manager, introduced me to the Vitamin D Solarium which was surrounded by a glowing bright blue light, reminiscent of a space ship. It even boasted a giant fan blowing a gentle breeze as well as a mist to help when things get a bit too hot to handle.

Before attempting to get on board, Jayne explained the benefits. She said: “There are a lot of things in the media about ‘should you, or shouldn’t you’ use sun beds, but with it being a Vitamin D Solarium bed, the UV rays are stimulating the vitamin D in your body which can also help combat things like brittle bones.”

Vitamin D is known to play a vital role in metabolism of calcium and a recent study has suggested that it may help play a part in staving off Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown that without it we are more prone to everyday infections such as colds and flus.

Redhead Jayne, who is also fed up of burning in Bahrain just walking to her car, said: “Personally, I burn when I go out and it isn’t even that hot yet in Bahrain. I’m going to have to start acclimatising myself. If you sunbathe outside, you would have to stay out longer to get enough vitamin D and that increases the chances of burning.

“In my opinion using a sun bed is more concentrated and controlled and, of course, there is the beauty stance. People love a healthy glow, but, also you get more vitamin D from the sunbed than actual supplements because it penetrates your skin.

“However, we never recommend people do more than one session a day.”

There are three levels of tanning titled ‘lightest, medium and darkest’ starting from 10 minutes to 14 minutes. The prices range from BD4 to BD8 a session or customers can take a one-month unlimited package starting from BD67 for the lightest level to BD120 for the darkest level.

Aside from the sun bed, there is a spray tan section which offers ‘St Tropez natural bronzing mist’ for BD18, a dark mist tan for BD18 and an express tan for BD20 which can give a quick glow in three hours.

The receptionist, Flora Ciocon, who will spray you in a little tent, recommended that after using the Solarium bed to opt for the natural bronzing mist because it presents an extra glow and a more bronzed look.

Before signing my life away in the disclaimer form, I shared my one and only horrible sun bed experience in which I was left to fry for 30 minutes and ended up with an unsightly red apple-shaped rear end for several months.

That’s when Flora and Jayne took me to the room to show me how to operate the machine, explaining that I had full control over both the timing and heat.

I wanted to be less pasty but I have sensitive skin so they recommended I try the medium setting, which is level two, for 12 minutes. To avoid pesky tan lines, I decided to go in the buff and was informed that it was completely hygienic as the bed was cleaned after every use.

As soon as they left, I climbed aboard ready to rid myself of my corpse-like appearance. As soon as it got hot, I switched on the fan and was greeted by the refreshing mist. Time simply flew by. When it got too hot, I had control to turn it off and wait for the cool down.

I didn’t realise how much I had sweated but I definitely turned a pretty pink and was told that I would get a more natural shine as I settled down throughout the day. This tan, depending on your skin could last a week or as long as a month, I was told.

Before I made my way home, I was treated to a relaxing foot scrub as well as a mani-pedi.

It’s not surprising that since February 14, 2012, women have been flocking to this two-storey upscale salon to attend to their beauty needs, including hair styling, manicures and pedicures, waxing, Moroccan baths, massages and other fabulous treatments.

And, that is exactly what Yara Jameel Salman, owner of the hair, skin and body beauty spot intended. Her aim is for women to feel beautiful in their skin and to also get the magazine cover ‘Vogue look’ they often desire.

In 2014, YBL became the main agent for Bellami Hair in the Middle East. Among other products they carry in their Kerastase lounge section is Lilly Hair worn by reality TV star Lilly Ghalichi and even Kylie Jenner hair extensions. They even have the first salon hair purifier in Bahrain, the mellati hair bath which is free from zinc, salt and chlorine.

Whether a girl wants voluptuous hair or 3-D lashes that go on for days, YBL is stocked with the best brands such as L’Oréal, Guinot, Shellac, Gelish, OPI and Kerastase to help enhance their natural beauty and make that cover-girl dream a reality.

Jayne added: “Women love YBL as they can relax in deluxe surroundings whilst also enjoying the energetic, friendly atmosphere that we project on all our clients throughout all of their services.

“Leading up to F1, we encourage our customers to unwind, get pampered, get glammed up and, most importantly, embrace just how beautiful they really are.”

It was the perfect way to spend my Saturday and now I have a great glow. Bring on the parties!

For more details, contact 16010999, visit or follow @yarabeautylounge

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