Youth Talk

September 13 - 19, 2017

After an entire morning spent firefighting different issues including ‘Working on 137 questions of Maths’, my extended project presentation, falling asleep for an hour by mistake and thinking of all the different tasks I need to complete in the next few days.

Actually, the least useful of all of these was not the third but the fourth thing. I have come to realise that organisation is all and pondering over what to do and ‘undoing’ mistakes takes longer.

One hears a lot of advice about planning and clearing up the mess and the physical space but it is only now that I have realised the importance of the same and would begin to follow it in real earnest.

The truth is, it takes less time to do the job than think about it and it also becomes a source of unnecessary tension and panic. That is something we all, as students and as professionals, must avoid. I have come to realise that a simple small diary to list down tasks and assign deadlines comes to be very useful.

This is the Youth Talk and we, the youth, are very hard pressed where time is concerned with pending university applications and other such deadlines … and we must try our best to make the most of the 24 hours a day we have got.


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