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September 13 - 19, 2017

What is it called? Tony Hawk Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Deck   

What does it do? Kids of all ages can unleash their skateboarding potential by choosing between two different types of play - traditional fingerboard-style or switching on the power axle and taking off with the infrared two channel remote control.

Cost: BD8.500


What is it called? Blackboard Brew

What does it do? Coated with a chalk-board surface and supplied with chalk, you can write messages to your co-workers or even how you take your tea. It’s easy to wipe clean so you can write a new message as often as you like.

Cost: BD3


What is it called? Mini Jellyfish Tank

What does it do? Standing at approximately 22cm tall and 7cm wide, this tank can fit easily on your office desk. The triple LEDs light up the tank in three different colours and the motorised jellyfish float realistically.

Cost: BD10


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