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November 15 - 21,2017

What is it called? MOJO Aromatherapy Slap Bracelet

What does it do? Enjoy the sweet scents and benefits of essential oils all day long thanks to the diffuser included to the slap bracelet. Simply add a few drops of the essential oils and the bracelet will absorb it. It will boost your energy levels, expedite healing and help relieve stress.

Cost: BD13


What is it called? Yomee Automatic Yogurt Maker

What does it do? This yogurt maker simplifies the process of making yogurt and only requires milk and a Yomee pod. With a six-hour duration from start to finish, a few simple stages result in fresh yogurt personalised to your liking. Yomee pods are a combination of yogurt culture and rice starch.

Cost: BD37


What is it called? Neofit Roller Collapsible Foam Roller

What does it do? Collapsing to four inches and expanding to 12 inches, the compact foam roller easily goes anywhere. Featuring high-density EVA foam and inner disc technology, it naturally connects with the contours of your body to help break down muscle tightness and adhesions.

Cost: BD19


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