Golf Weekly

Perfect pitch

November 15 - 21,2017

As we approach the pitch shot many golfers start to get tense and try to control the ball too much, which in general leads to an unnatural and rigid golf swing.  We need to try and maintain the natural movement in the swing.  ‘Hinge the club up, unhinge it down’.

The big thing for pitch shots is getting the club-head to swing and letting the body follow, not the other way around. Starting with the ball slightly forward and your hands centred in front of you, I like to see the clubface a little open in this position. Then hinge the club upward going back, not around your body, with the toe of the club pointing to the sky.

Coming down, the club should unhinge in the same way it went back. You should feel the club swinging down and through. The club’s momentum pulls your body to the finish.

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