Techtronic Specials


March 7 -13, 2018

What is it called? Charging Station

What does it do? Say goodbye to messy cables and devices piled on top of one another with this awesome six-port charger station, featuring four rubberised grooves for holding various electronic devices, its own charger wires and adaptors, and secondary function as a portable power bank.

Cost: BD8



What is it called? Pet Grooming Glove

What does it do? If you own a pet, this glove will spare you a lot of cleaning. It’s very comfortable to use, and all you have to do is pet your furry friend like you’re stroking them. It’s guaranteed to be more relaxing than combing. It works on any kind of animal and it’s very easy to clean.

Cost: BD3



What is it called? Retro Vinyl Coasters

What does it do? Tired of water rings forming on your beautiful furniture? These quirky vinyl coasters in the shape of old fashioned records aren’t just cute, they’re also extremely practical. Made from food safe plastic and ideal for the music lovers out there.

Cost: BD5


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