June 13 - 19, 2018

GulfWeekly’s reporter Kristian ‘The Voice of Sport’ Harrison may be a bit of a damp squid when it comes to the prediction game. Only last week he ruled out England’s cricket team ever winning another match just moments before they hammered Pakistan in the second match.

So that will probably rule out Germany winning the FIFA World Cup – the German coach will know who to blame if it all goes horribly wrong in Russia.

Our hapless hack has flown back home to Blighty and very nearly didn’t make it. As he prepared for the flight he placed his best denims in the wash and left his passport in the back pocket. Fortunately the baking heat in Bahrain managed to dry out the soggy document and somehow he managed to get through customs at both airports.

Good job too, as he had an important assignment to get to the church on time, as a godparent to his niece, Lana May, above. He’ll no doubt be good at wetting the baby’s head too.


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