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Rising to creative challenge

June 13 - 19, 2018

Gulf Weekly Rising to creative challenge

Mazda designers and engineers were issued a challenge: to build a car that can be used anywhere, in any way, to support creative, individualistic lifestyles.

The result has been the launch of the Mazda CX-3 which has received rave reviews from industry experts and motoring pundits alike.

One leading magazine described the vehicle as a ‘feisty runabout with a can-do attitude, offering taut handling and edgy styling’.

 A 148-hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel drive provide the ‘zoom-zoom’. The CX-3 relies on its sport-tuned suspension and creative weight-saving measures to maintain Mazda’s unique brand of driving pleasure. ‘The cabin is equally well designed, with high-quality materials and modern driving aids’, one reviewer added.

The marque’s ‘Soul of Motion’ strategy aims to combine quality and style and it delivers it with a full suite of revolutionary SKYACTIV technology in this vehicle.

Mazda’s new-generation all-wheel-drive system i-ACTIV, AWD is engineered to offer confident driving on any road surface while also contributing to environmental compatibility.

The system helps prevent tyre slippage and minimizes energy losses, enhancing both drivability in poor conditions and fuel economy, by instantly distributing power optimally between the front and rear wheels.

This is achieved by continuously monitoring road conditions according to various factors such as road gradient, outside temperature and weather, as well as detecting front wheel grip. In addition, i-ACTIV AWD assesses a driver’s intentions to precisely adjust torque distribution.

Mazda’s Proactive Safety philosophy is firmly grounded in a belief in the driver’s abilities, aiming to support safe driving while maintaining all the fun of the open road. Safe driving demands early recognition of potential hazards, good judgment and appropriate action, and Mazda works to support these essential functions so owners can drive safely and with peace of mind despite changing driving conditions.

Active safety measures to identify risk early and reduce the chance of damage or injury include Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE suite of advanced safety technologies. Passive safety measures feature a version of Mazda’s high-strength SKYACTIV-BODY, newly-developed for this go-anywhere crossover.

The Mazda-developed Active Driving Display shows the most essential driving information with no need to look away from the road. In addition, frequently used operations are controlled by steering wheel mounted switches and paddle shifters without taking the hands off the steering wheel.

Information for MZD CONNECT’s audio, communication and navigation functions is displayed on a seven-inch LCD mounted on top of the dashboard. This separate-type centre display greatly reduces the downward viewing angle and its graphics are designed for instant legibility. Multi-stage operations of MZD CONNECT are quickly and accurately controlled by a commander control located on the floor console where the driver’s hand naturally falls.

Prices start from a very competitive BD7,750 on the road. The International Motor Trading Agency’s special holy month promotion includes a service package for five years or 100,000kms, whichever is first, extended warranty for five years with unlimited mileage, registration, insurance, rust proofing and window tinting.

For more information drop into the showroom in Tubli, call 17875777 or visit and download the MAZDABAHRAIN application on Androids and Apple phones.

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