September 12 - 18, 2018

 IT has become an ever so common phenomenon seeing news about the increasing effects of plastic, and other types, of pollution.

One would think, especially with such widespread awareness and reports, that we are moving towards reduction and prevention … but only the opposite seems true.

There have been many reports lately, of wildlife found dead with their bodies chockfull of plastic waste and of once beautiful and pristine beaches littered with garbage.

It is alarming, for steps aimed at reduction are not at all difficult to implement.

It leads me to believe that only when such steps are mandated by government, will we ever see change in a positive direction.

Fortunately, there are earth-conscious pioneers challenging the status quo. Notable among those is environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger Lauren Singer who, following in the footsteps of French campaigner Bea Johnson, has aimed to produce as little trash a possible.

Lauren can fit her rubbish from the last four years in a single jar. She does this by refusing to consume single waste disposables, thoroughly making use of reusable items such as glass etc., composting all her food waste and making her own toiletries at home.

This approach goes further than just sorting out your waste for recycling. This method of striving to not create any, popularly known as Zero Waste, has slowly been garnering attention on social media, so there is hope to our world waste problem.

While it is true that what we have at hand is an issue of global scale, heavily influenced by marketing and consumerism, we can all do our part in being more aware of our carbon footprint.  

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