Gadgets of the week

November 6 - 13, 2018

What is it called? Tetris Light

What does it do? Seven brightly coloured lights in different Tetris shapes illuminate once they come into contact with each other. All you need is one to be plugged into the mains to power a whole tower. It’s completely customisable so you can change and rearrange it as often as you like.

Cost: BD17.500



What is it called? iKettle

What does it do? Using the iKettle’s built in Wi-Fi, you can start boiling your kettle from anywhere in the house. With the iKettle app, you will save up to two days a year pre-boiling your kettle! Not only can it boil the water for you, but it will also notify you when it’s ready to pour, needs refilling and when it’s empty.

Cost: BD58



What is it called? NeXtime Moon Clock

What does it do? This clock is made with the latest in glow in the dark technology so as night falls, your Moon Clock will change from grey to a soothing blue tone.  Each hand has a blue glowing tip. When the real moon has disappeared and the sun is out, your blue moon will gently fade back to its original self.

Cost: BD6


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