Januaray 9 - 15, 2019

Usually, the Whisperer sends the GulfWeekly interesting and funny stories and happenings around the island. This time, the whisperer is going to be a little different. Just for today, I’m going to use this panel as a therapeutic, venting tool.

I started off my day with lots of pizazz and a spring in my step, ready to take on our weekly manic Monday deadline day with ease. The office was working in perfect precision.  Zahid was designing like the dickens and Kristian was a literal wizard. We were working like a well-oiled machine and it seemed as though just once, we weren’t going to face any setbacks.

Just as I started to tuck into my lunch, Zahid informs me that one of my stories, which I was pretty pleased with in the morning, wasn’t in the folder. Hogwash! It had to be, I saved it. Or did I?

Apparently, ol’ clever me forgot to save my work. I had a few pages opened at the same time and accidently saved the wrong document. The moment I realised my work was gone, I flashed to my university days when my bestie, Ziyada, and I would pull all-nighters typing in the computer lab. One night, we lost all of our work because the power went out and we didn’t save in time. After that day, we saved our work every five minutes and worked our way up to 10 until we were confident the power wasn’t going to go out. Ah, fun times.

Luckily, I remembered most of my story and it didn’t take me long to type out 1,000 words all over again. But you best believe that I will be a paranoid, saving ….wait….had to go save….lunatic. Until my next vent, thanks for listening and don’t forget to save!

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