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Summer of service and sales

July 10 -16, 2019

Gulf Weekly Summer of service and sales

Al Haddad Motors, the exclusive distributor of Mercedes in Bahrain, is extending exclusive offers to customers this season to help them stay cool, sleek and safe during one of Bahrain’s hottest summers.

Merc owners can bring their vehicle in to the Salmabad showroom for a free check up on the air conditioner to make sure they have the coolest rides around. If repairs or disinfection are needed, Mercedes-Benz technicians are on standby to provide the best service, with up to 30 per cent savings.

Mercedes Benz’s SMART repairs will quickly and efficiently take care of any nicks and dings on cars, ensuring that every customer vehicle leaves looking shinier and sleeker. With state of the art technology, paintwork and headlight deterioration caused due to excessive heat are a thing of the past.

And to top it all off, Al Haddad is offering service contracts so customers don’t have to worry about keeping their car safe and serviced, with savings of up to 20 per cent and a likely boost to the vehicle resale value. And by joining the Mercedes Benz loyalty program, clients become eligible for an array of benefits and rewards including major discounts on labour, genuine parts, collection items as well as free safety checks and car polishing.

Get your Mercedes in top shape this summer as you speed away for your next sabbatical.

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