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Concept car reveal

July 17 -23, 2019

Gulf Weekly Concept car reveal

Bentley and Behbehani executives came together at the Royal Golf Club to celebrate the centenary of the British carmaker, taking the opportunity to unveil a concept car illustrating the Crewe-based company’s vision for the future of grand touring.

The EXP 100 concept car, powered by a pure-electric powertrain, borrows iconic symbols like the front grille from the carmaker’s past while building on them with futuristic features straight from Star Trek, like a resident AI, self-driving capabilities and a memory system that replays drivers’ favourite journeys, complete with scents and temperatures.

The concept car, which was revealed via livestream by chairman Adrian Hallmark, has components made with sustainable materials, like naturally felled trees and vegan leather made from leftover grape skins.

Neil Harris, area sales manager of Bentley Middle East, Africa and India said: “As we walk into our second century, we are excited about continuing to make an excellent hand crafted luxury automotive while adapting to the changing consumer demand for electric car solutions.”

Bentley has been on a blitz in the last six months, unveiling the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, the world’s first luxury SUV and the third generation of the Flying Spur. In Bahrain and the region, these join the ever-popular Continental GT, which was crowned the 2019 Middle East Car of the Year.

Behbehani Brothers deputy director, Hussain Sherazi, added: “Bentley is an amazing brand and we are happy that they have joined our group, which has Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Fiat-Chrysler & Scoda. It fits in perfectly with our existing portfolio, giving us an opportunity to expand our offering to our elite customer base.”

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