Gadgets of the week

August 14 - 20 , 2019

Gulf Weekly Gadgets of the week

What is it called? Clippable Canon IVY

What does it do? This camera is fun to use, affordable and easy to carry around. It’s rugged and waterproof like a GoPro and would make a great gift for a child or even a hipster. It doesn’t have a screen so you can only review your photos via Bluetooth on a phone.

Cost: BD45


What is it called? TimeFlip2

What does it do? This is the world’s first interactive time tracker featuring embedded LED, pomodoro timer and a tap-on function. This simple and user friendly IoT tool can assist individuals and businesses in tracking time and workload. It is also a physical connected device.

Cost: BD21


What is it called? Amazon Echo Show 5

What does it do? The five-inch smart display makes it perfect for the nightstand and with Alexa built in you can easily control it with your voice. It can easily display recipes to help those cook step by step, exhibit calendars weather forecast, traffic, movies, and so forth. People can even use it to listen to the radio, podcast or audio book. You can also control your home in adjusting lights, thermostat and security cameras.

Cost: BD34

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