Brunch for all seasons

September 11 - 17, 2019

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Brunch for all seasons

Families are in for a special treat at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay as the five-star property has launched a series of brunches to kickstart the Autumn season and give new meaning to fabulous ‘Fri-Yays’!

The Bahrain Bay Kitchen has been racking up rave reviews in the hospitality industry for its vibrant, bubbly and bountiful brunches. It’s transformed Friday afternoons into a fun family past time where children could feast and play while mum and dad unwind with friends after a long work week.

The restaurant makes sure to deliver that carefree Friday feeling by focusing on dishing out delicious food, providing constant care and entertaining guests all the while maintaining an upbeat and lively atmosphere.

Every whim is answered, keeping smiles glued onto faces and sounds of laughter echoing throughout the chic and airy restaurant which was conceived by renowned French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon.

And while summer is ending, things are still heating up in the Bahrain Bay Kitchen with sizzling brunches to celebrate the upcoming festive vibes.

The brunch-themed bonanzas include Back to School, Mexican and Oktoberfest. The hotel’s executive chef Hyung Gyu Kim said: “To say I am excited about these upcoming events is an understatement. Crafting menus and creating a special atmosphere for important cultural occasions is one of the most inspiring parts of being a chef and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to do so at our beautiful hotel.

“My team and I will be pulling out all the stops to bring the special Four Seasons touch to these wonderful celebrations and we look forward to creating both exceptional cuisine and cherished moments for our guests.”

My husband, Sam and I, put the restaurants Back to School brunch to the test and they passed with flying colours.

The spacious venue featured a tiny frame cut out at the entrance for children to pose behind with a colourful balloon background for parents to capture pretty pictures of them.

There was also a crafts and activities fun area for children as well as a donut stand, an ice cream cart and a kunafa section.

As the waiting staff and kitchen team buzzed about preparing the culinary arena to welcome a flock of Friday followers, the SmoothMood Project, featuring singer Vasia Marinou and singer and instrumentalist Giannis Evlogimenos, were warming up their vocal chords.

The duo’s dynamic performance is said to be based on pre-recorded backing tracks resulting in a unique live acoustic duet full of drums, bass and brass. Their sound features a repertoire of genres including jazz, Latin, pop, soul, funk, rhythm and blues, disco and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Sam and I were seated nearby the sliding doors that lead onto the breathtakingly beautiful terrace that features an additional 42 seats. I was in awe of the waiting team as they assisted guests, in particular, Benadicto Maina. He went above and beyond to make sure every diner was comfortable and content.

There is a buffet set-up boasting several stations serving Middle Eastern, International, Indian, Japanese and Chinese delicacies. There are also live cooking stations such as the Ceviche corner and the satay section as well as extensive dessert and beverage options.

As we weaved past tables and booths full of blissful brunchers, we bumped into executive pastry Chef Imad Boukli who shared his thoughts.

The Syrian chef, who specialises in pastries, baked goods and desserts, said: “We went overboard with our chocolate treats. For example, we created a school bus made of chocolate in the dessert section.

“There is also a ton of lobster and shrimp that will most probably distract people’s attention as they saunter onto another section.

“There are live cooking stations as well including Italian, Indian and International. We also offer lots of sushi. The sushi variety gets bigger and better for our brunch. We have a specialised sushi chef making it a signature element for our brunch.”

While the sushi and seafood section was an eyeful, the meat corner is what attracted our gaze and we moseyed on over there tummies grumbling and with plates ready to be filled.

We piled on the slow roast beef brisket and lamb leg, BBQ sausages and grilled steaks as well as some grilled lamb chops before making our way back. During that mini trek to our table, we passed by the salad section which included an array of leafy greens and zesty veggies such as tabouleh, fatoush, Greek salad, Thai mango salad, marinated octopus and more.

After we finished from the turf, we moved onto the surf and plated an assortment of Bahraini poached prawns and poached Omani lobster tails, a mixture of sushi rolls such as spicy tuna and California maki, as well as salmon sashimi. It was a delightful under the sea experience. The aquatic journey continued with refreshing, summery ceviche plated in what looked like a rock-style avocado-shaped bowl.

As we gobbled up our meals, Vasia sang and swayed between tables, keeping guests entertained. And although the miniature cakes and macaroons looked delectable, we went for a traditional route and ended the afternoon with a bowl of warm and cosy Umm Ali. Lunchboxes were handed out to the little ones to take home as a memento of the day.

The Mexican Brunch, designed to celebrate Día de la Independencia , will be held on Friday from 1pm to 4pm. Priced BD30net inclusive of soft beverages and BD43net inclusive of extended beverages, it will feature classic dishes including ceviches, sopas, tacos, antojera, quesadillas, spiced lamb stew, kingfish fajitas and more.

Oktoberfest will be held on September 27. Children below six eat for free, while those aged between six and 12 will receive 50 per cent savings. Also during this month, the hotel is offering 20 per cent savings on adult food packages for all groups booking with children under 12.

For details, call the hotel on 17115500.

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