Art for love and peace

September 11 - 17, 2019

Gulf Weekly Art for love and peace

Saudi Arabian artists Reem Alsubiy and her mother Dahana Salem will showcase several creations at the Year of Tolerance Art Exhibition held by 2XL Furniture & Home Décor.

The duo, who have been captivating art lovers with their pieces, aim to spread the message of peace and hope, alongside 100 leading and emerging, local and international talets. Their pieces are also making statements in people’s homes.

Reem, a painter and sculptor, said: “We all know that love and understanding are the most important and powerful aspects of communication. From the beginning of time, the human race witnessed war and hatred in many forms, as much as it had its share of love and peace. The fact that humans have been faced by the same problem can’t be ignored, yet there will always be a hunger and desire for peace.”

Reem will be showcasing a series of colourful paintings regarding diversity and living in peace through women depicted in several forms.

“The ladies in my paintings are caring and different kinds of species,” explained Reem. “While some of them are stronger, others are weaker, yet both co-exist. Therefore, in my theme I’m focusing on the idea that differences between creatures wouldn’t be an obstacle for them to live peacefully, only if they were raised in peace.

“My duty as an artist is to stand strong holding the message of peace, delivering peace from my heart to other people’s hearts. I believe that whatever comes from the heart will always find its way to hearts.”

The subjects in Dahana’s works are equally bold and meaningful. Dahana added: “Hope, love, peace and understanding are key to build a strong and beautiful future for the human race. I believe that art has the power to deliver any message and what makes my paintings unique is their ability to connect with people and touch their soul.”

Their paintings will be displayed at the show from today until Saurday at the 2XL store on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah from 10am to 10pm and on Friday from 2:30pm to 11pm.

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