Technology driven tyres hit the roads

September 11 - 17, 2019

Gulf Weekly Technology driven tyres hit the roads

Tyre manufacturers are rolling into the digital industry with new technology to ensure safety, pressure management and data retrieval.

While the vehicles we drive and work with are becoming increasingly digital, tyres remain off the tech radar…until now.

The new Nokian Tyres Intuitu solution makes tapping into data easy and simple, allowing drivers to get more out of their wheels while worrying less.

Nokian has taken the first step towards digital, real-time tyre management combining sensor-equipped smart tyres with a mobile application that records its sensor data, keeping the user informed with about vital tyre pressure and temperature data.

Toni Silfverberg, head of sales and marketing at Nokian Tyres, said: “We have aimed to make the system plug & play. You just buy the tyres, install the application and you are good to go.

“The application gives the drivers peace of mind by keeping them informed about the tyre pressure and temperature, helping to prevent tire damage and warning about possible anomalies. Keeping the tyres in good condition keeps the machinery operational minimises downtime and other damage related costs.”

The system will be available in agricultural and contracting tyres at first, but Nokian Tyres aims to extend digitalization to its entire commercial tire range.

Nokian Tyres will also offer an extended warranty for the mobile app users who register their wheels.
“Many people still see tyres as ‘just’ tyres – a piece of rubber between your machine and the ground”, said Silfverberg. “With Nokian Tyres Intuitu, your tyres are no longer forgotten pieces of rubber, but smart, active components they rightfully should be.”

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