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The art of wonder

November 6 - 12, 2019
Gulf Weekly The art of wonder

Gulf Weekly Naman Arora
By Naman Arora

Lovers of Japanese culture and dolls have been flocking to the “Dolls of Japan” exhibit at Bahrain’s National Museum to discover, learn and blog about the land of the sun’s figurines.

Japan, sometimes called the kingdom of characters, enjoys a rich background on dolls. Each has its own distinct meaning and purpose and is deeply connected to daily life.

Old Japanese traditions have fostered this unique culture. This traditional appreciation for dolls has resulted in the belief that they are not only children’s toys but also works of art to be displayed and admired.

Furthermore, familiar themes from Noh and Kabuki drama have been incorporated into the culture of dolls, thus creating unlimited styles and a timeline of historical artefacts.

In modern times, craftsmen using time-honoured methods create traditional Japanese dolls that are cherished by their owners and new artists have also emerged that are crafting unique Japanese dolls for the decorative art world.

Japanese dolls are characterised by their delicate facial expressions, achieved by carefully sculpting the outer layer of pulverised oyster shell which covers the dolls’ faces. Another important characteristic is the dolls’ beautiful colours showing the richness of ancient costume and pageantry.

The attention to detail for every doll’s costume is stupendous and must be seen in person to be appreciated.

This exhibition introduces fine examples of a variety of dolls, a preview of which is below. Check out the exhibition before it ends on November 13!

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