She says...

December 4, 2019

Gulf Weekly She says...

The best part of my week is when I wake up on a Friday morning and get to watch a new episode of my current favourite show. Ah sigh. For the other days of the week, I manage my thirst for entertainment by going through a lineup of strategically staggered shows.

My taste in television has changed over the years, I must say. From solely watching animated shows on Cartoon Network and vowing to never lay my eyes on any other form of television, to binging medical dramas like The Good Doctor and comedic sitcoms like The Office. I have definitely grown. Perhaps there will even be a day where I will willingly sit down to watch talent shows like The X-Factor. Sadly, that will also be the day you know I’m not all too well up there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to see the talent that people in the world possess but I cannot for the life of me sit through an entire hour of people being judged. The cringe is too real.

I think it is only fair, after dedicating an entire paragraph to one of the worst forms of television, to talk about one of the greatest creations of all time – MasterChef Australia. Please do not get this legendary show confused with its corresponding cheap equivalents like the ones in the US and India. They are no match for my boys Matt, Gary and George. To be honest, you don’t even need to be interested in cooking to appreciate an episode of MasterChef.

It is agreeable that television is transformative and can be life changing. I for one have watched Gary from MasterChef Australia be the angel that he is for eight seasons straight and now plan to move to Australia. See, life changing.

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