Fab French fragrances

January 15 - 21 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Fab French fragrances

Al Hawaj Group was delighted to launch a series of floral, musky and sweet scents from BDK Parfums, a new and independent fragrance creation house with roots in Paris, France.

Its founder, David Benedek, presented his fragrances, in particular the French Bouquet and Tabac Rose to Al Hawaj Group management, invited guests, social media influencers and members of the media at the perfume unveiling in its spacious store in Seef Mall. He has two collections, one series boasting black caps and another with gold tops.

He also shared that the inspiration behind his perfumes which is all about French craftsmanship and Paris.

“The brand is linked to Paris and the city where I grew up,” he told GulfWeekly. “The inspiration comes directly from Paris, selecting the best raw materials that I can find within the market. With each perfume I am telling a story.”

BDK was founded in 2016 by David who grew up in a family surrounded by perfumery. His father has Romanian heritage, his mother was born on the boarder of Algeria and Morocco and his grandparents moved to Paris after WWII. They were the first authorised to distribute renowned perfume brands such as Christian Dior in Paris in the 1950s.

David studied fragrances and raw materials with professors and master perfumers from Guivaudan. He graduated from Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM). His perfumes can be found in various Parisian boutiques as well as shops worldwide in Europe, Russia, North America and the Middle East.

He is excited to be working with Al Hawaj Group. He said: “I was told that people in Bahrain love French fragrances and perfumes. I was put in contact with Al Hawaj Group, presented the brand to them and they enjoyed it. My relationship with Al Hawaj Group began three to four months ago.”

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