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Hi-tech and powerful

January 21 - 28 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Hi-tech and powerful

Luxury car connoisseurs can drive home in one of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG-line-equipped C-Class sedans this week, with an exclusive offer by Al-Haddad Motors, the marquee’s sole distributor in the kingdom.

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan owners can enjoy the perks of driving a premium C-Class which is now inclusive of a five-year Mercedes-Benz warranty as well as a three-year Service Package.

The C-Class is a powerful car that constantly strives to better itself on every front in terms of performance and design. With its perfect proportions, high level of comfort and super luxurious drive, the C-Class makes a statement and surpasses expectations with every turn.

The C-Class sedan cuts an elegant figure and provides the ultimate in refinement, with an aerodynamic design and breathtaking silhouette. Equipped with suspension technology and an innovative damping system, the C-Class sedan delivers impressive driving dynamics.

Technological prowess is what the C-Class is about. It can keep its distance and maintain its course as it assists the driver when it matters. Innovative assistance systems provide the driver with even more support as the C-Class roars ahead with power and athleticism.

Visually stunning LED lights add a contemporary touch with their modern interpretation and unmistakable design. Also, the tail lights follow the shoulder line and further emphasise the sedan’s sportiness.

To make a car even more efficient, the marquee has developed highly sophisticated drive technologies that are both powerful and economical. The body is lightweight yet robust, with 20 per cent more aluminium components and ultra-high-strength materials, offering a level of safety and sportiness that only a Mercedes-Benz can.

This offer is valid on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan that is equipped with an AMG-line, adding a sporty touch to the C-Class’s already powerful design.

For further details, call the Mercedes-Benz showroom on 17785454 or visit

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