She Says - What is Feminism

January 29 - February 04 , 2020

Gulf Weekly She Says - What is Feminism

I think this is the first time that I am writing about a topic which does justice to the title of this column: ‘He Says, She Says’.

From writing about global warming to mental health, the perspectives of male and female are hardly different. However, the role of men in feminism…The coined term feminism is fairly new, and is still being adjusted with how it stands within a world full of diverse opinions.

With only a limit of 350 words, I think it is important for me to simply stick to the pressing bullet points of this sensitive topic.

Unlike what many seem to believe or misinterpret, feminism is the advocacy for equality. People may be confused that the word ‘feminism’ does not in fact mean women over men. Apologies to the small handful of confused men who thought we wanted to be superior to them. Don’t worry, we’re only asking for equal pay. I hope I am not misunderstood with my tone.

I am surrounded by men in my life who are quite frankly just as much of a feminist as I am. To go a little further, it isn’t just men that seem to have misinterpreted the idea of what feminism really is; women do it too! Donned with the term ‘feminazi’, there are radical women pushing for not equality, but an equally horrid world of women over men. Don’t worry folks, we do not claim them. 

Now, feminism on its own is a complicated matter, but to add the ‘role of men’ into the mix throws us all into a whole new dimension. I personally believe that a man can be just as much of a feminist as any woman. Honestly, my brother and father are more vocal than many women I know about the matter, which may seem sad or shocking, but shouldn’t be.

Men should be just as concerned about equality as women are. And while it is a pleasant surprise to find that a man believes you deserve just as much as he does; I hope I live a day where I am not surprised at all.

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