Gadgets of the week

February 12 - 18 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Gadgets of the week

What is it called? Tile Pro Tracker

What does it do? This small and nifty gadget will help you find anything you attach it to as long as your phone is within Bluetooth range of 400 feet. In case you lose an item, you’ll receive notifications when the gadget comes within range of another Tile user. Available in black and white,

Cost: BD19



What is it called? HP Sprocket Select Portable Printer

What does it do? It is a stylish gadget that’s capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch photos on Zero Ink paper. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a strong connection with a smartphone. You can edit photos before printing with Sprocket’s mobile app. There’s even an option to interact with the prints in augmented reality.

Cost: BD44



What is it called? Nintendo Switch Lite

What does it do? The gadget is designed solely for handheld gaming. It has a lightweight design and a more compact 5.5-inch display than the regular Switch. It can come in yellow, turquoise, and gray. It’s compatible only with games that support handheld.

Cost: BD75


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