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Ferrari glory in Bahrain

September 16 - 22, 2020

Gulf Weekly Ferrari glory in Bahrain

Ferrari is synonymous with the history of F1 in Bahrain with Michael Schumacher leading the team to glory in the first-ever race at Sakhir on 04.04.04, writes Abu George. 

The year 2004 was the final in the most successful period in Ferrari history in which the team won six consecutive constructors championships and Schumacher won 5 drivers championships.

Even the first turn in Bahrain is now named after him. His son and rising F2 star Mick Schumacher has also stood on top of the podium in the junior classes. Last Sunday, he was allowed to drive the record-breaking F2004 in which his father conquered all before him.

“This was always a dream for me to drive this car,” Schumacher said. “I drove the car at Hockenheim last year but to drive it at Mugello in non-rainy conditions has been an absolute honour.

“Thank you to Ferrari for this opportunity.”

It was also fitting that Sunday’s Tuscan Grand Prix was the first of the season to be held with fans at the track with 2,800 spectators having been allowed into Mugello on each day of the grand prix. And, 800 of these were dedicated ‘tifosi’ superfans positioned at the exit of turn eight.

First and foremost Ferrari has been about racing – preferably at the pinnacle of the sport – and automotive second. 

That is why they retain a legion of fans worldwide irrespective of success or failure. Even when loyal to another, they are the second favourite of most. Beyond that they are certainly respected above all other.

The passion evoked from the sound of a roaring engine, the smell of burning rubber, tears from disaster or triumph – to Enzo the Engineer, this was his life.  This is and always will be – Ferrari.

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